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Keepers At Home

from one wife to another

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Christian wives working on making their house a home

Welcome to Keepers At Home. I am really excited that you stopped to join us here. You're you’re encouraged to join and become part of the family. We’re a family here, part of the family of God. Yes, this is a Christian community.

Despite what the name may seem to imply, this is NOT a community of Stay At Home Moms (sahm), though sahms are more than welcome. We’re a group of wives, women who understand that no matter what our title is inside or outside of the home - the home and our families are our priority. We have struggles, we have joy, we have sorrow, and even times of despair. That’s why this is a community, we’re wives just like you. We’re dealing with the same thing, wondering how to pay that bill, wondering if that child raising technique is going to work, struggling to fit in our personal quiet time, and trying to find a baby sitter for date night. Maybe we're praying our husband will simply be interested in us again...

We enjoy ministering to our husbands (and children if you have them), but need a place to discuss the challenges, share the tips, pray with each other, encourage each other and simply just be real. A place to let your hair down, so you can turn to your family and love and minister to them effectively. A place to learn the best way to manage budgets, whether it's worth it to buy that smart phone, talk about sex (cause yes, we're married), finding a new church home, cooking successes and disasters, and just being girls.

Membership is open, though there are some rules, but you were expecting that... weren’t you. Come on in!